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B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B? “Gen-E” Nouns That We Should Know!

There are various kinds of marketing today. I believe that everyone has heard of B2B, B2C, C2C, etc., but perhaps not so well understood. Therefore this article will give you a brief explanation about them.

The full name of B2B is Business To Business, which is a commercial activity between two companies, providing products or services to conduct transactions with each other. The counterparty might be general companies, manufacturers, agents, platforms, etc. It is not directly accessible to ordinary consumers, and might be relatively unfamiliar. But in fact, most of the things that are generally within reach nowadays may have gone through a multi-layer B2B process before they fall into the hands of consumers. For example,The Uni-President puts goods on 7-11 shelves, or relations between advertising agencies and companies that want to advertise are also the same.

B2C, also known as Business To Customer, is the most popular "business to customer". Customer usually refers to the ultimate consumers, who will no longer sell the goods to someone else. For example, the PC home, Amazon, insurance, and cars that everyone sees the most in daily life. There will be companies and customers on the website at the same time, customers can view the products on page, choose a product and just order it.

For C2C, which you all might have guessed, is Customer To Customer. It refers to the sale of goods between private individuals. Here a shopper can post his products or services, and another customer who is interested can buy it. For example, Shopee and Airbnb are typical C2C web-services.

The above are all familiar terms, but have you heard of C2B? This is a relatively recent concept. C2B is not a customer-to-manufacturer bussiness model, but a consumer-centric model. The best example is group buying, which allows companies to offer discounts through the consumers' needs for products and services. This is seen as a reverse business model.

These business models are different in terms of skills and business strategies, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. From customer number, customer relationship and industry knowledge, these will affect the business model, marketing method, profit structure, etc. None of them is the best, what matters is which model is more suitable for the company!

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