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Get to Know HT/FT Together

The most common method of betting is betting before the game or while the game is ongoing. And football is a game of two halves, so can players bet for the first half and the full game? HT/FT, also known as a Half-Time/Full-Time bet, is a combined betting that predicts half-time and full-time results. This betting type has 9 different options. Here is a brief introduction :

*H : Home ; D : Draw; A : Away

*The nine options are: HH (Home/Home), HD (Home/Draw), HA (Home/Away), DH (Draw/Home), DD (Draw/Draw), DA (Draw/Away), AH (Away/Home), AD (Away/Draw), AA (Away/Away)

*Example: HH means the home team wins the first half and the whole game, DA means the first half draw and the whole game ends with the away team winning, and so on

Unlike the Handicap bet, we have to predict the two teams' results without them giving each other a head point. You can win the prize by picking either the Half-Time or Full-Time result right. This type of betting does not need math, but it still requires the player's knowledge about the participants, the ability to analyze the game, and lastly luck. The type of betting on sports games varies by culture, which is also why it appeals to all kinds of players worldwide!

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