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The Annual Event of Gaming Industry

I believe that most people who have been in the gaming industry have visited gaming exhibitions before, many companies usually participate in similar global exhibitions as manufacturers. In these exhibitions, you are able to get a lot of things you need in the process of running a gaming business, so as long as you are in the industry, you should experience it at least once!

If you only have one chance in your life, then you must go to G2E (Global Gaming Expo), especially those who work in gaming-related industries! This is the most important and largest gaming exhibition in the world. Any information you need can be found here. From traditional casinos to online sports betting, digital products, machine accessories, casino operation management equipment and security systems, you will get the latest information and products there, it is definitely the greatest opportunity for businessmen to dig the treasure. The exhibition is usually held in October every year, with a scale of about 106 countries and more than 450 manufacturers participating in the exhibition, and about 27,000 visitors. Hosted by the American Gaming Association (AGA) and the world-renowned Reed Exhibitions, G2E is the best platform to gain insight into the development trend of global gaming!

In addition to the international version of G2E, there is another Asian version called G2E Asia, which is regarded as the most important gaming and entertainment business center in Asia. Every May, more than 95% of Asian entertainment operators will participate in this exhibition to explore the latest products and future industry trends. G2E is an annual event not to be missed in the gaming industry, so everyone must seize the opportunity!

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