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Vietnam Card Game — Tiến lên

Vietnam does not only have a huge gaming group now, but also has a lot of local game developers. One of the most popular game genres around the world now is board and card games. Tiến lên is one of the most popular local card games in Vietnam, with the advanced network technology, many people bring this real-life game to online games. Tiến lên is played like many other games, whoever runs out of cards first wins! These are the basic rules :

♥️ Consists of 2 to 4 players, each player will get 13 cards

♦️ When the first player throws a card, the following players have to follow some rules to compare with the card played by the previous player, or choose to skip

♣️ Number order from big to small is 2>A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3

♠️ The patterns are ranked from largest to smallest : Hearts ♥ -Diamonds ♦ -Clubs ♣ -Spades ♠ (so the largest is ♥2 and the smallest is ♠3)

♥ ️ Players can also play multi cards/combinations at the same time (such as three cards of the same number, three cards of the same pattern, three or more series combinations, etc.)

♦️The goal of the game is to discard all the cards in hand

This is a casual game that requires brain power, and it should be noted that if one player plays a series of cards, the others can only beat it with a higher combination or the same number of cards. So if a player plays a single card, other players can only press it with a single card too. The gameplay is similar to Big Two, but the rules are slightly different. It can be seen that this type of board and card game is very popular no matter where we go!

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