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Indonesian Poker Game — Samgong

In Indonesia, the card game of poker has many variations, such as Capsa Susun, Cangkulan, Kartu 41, etc. And Samgong is also one of the most popular local card games, easy to play and addicting! The basic game rules and procedures are as follows :

*Samgong players are to compete against the banker

*Each card has their own points; A - 10 is 1 - 10 points, while J, Q, K are 10 points each

*The player will first get three cards. If the total score of the cards is less than 30, then the highest scores will be compared; if the total score is equal to 30, it will be called Samgong, which is the highest card; if it exceeds 30, it will be a loss

*If the total score is less than 25, the player can take one more card, up to two times; therefore player can only hold five cards at most

If a player has 5 cards in hand but the score has not exceeded 30 points, then this player is the biggest one in this game

It seems like a simple card game, but playing Samgong is about probability, it also requires the player's observation skill and courage! At this point, you should have realized that Samgong's gameplay is actually similar to blackjack, the difference is the highest score. At first, Samgong was just an entertainment among the folks, but now it has become one of the popular online games in the gaming industry! Popular games in Southeast Asia such as Samgong are believed to have certain reference value for the operation of platforms and games.

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