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Thai Card Game – Pok Deng

Thailand is one of the largest board and card game markets in Southeast Asia. Even though there is a strict control system for the gambling field, board and card games are still very popular there nowadays. Pok Deng is actually an extension of the traditional baccarat gameplay. Here is a brief introduction of Pok Deng basic rules.

⁂Using 52 cards, each player uses 2 cards to compare the points with the dealer's cards

⁂The dealer will turn over the first card, which is faced down, and this card will not be used. Then all players and dealer will get 2 cards to play

⁂A is 1 point; 2~9 is the same point as it shows; 10, J, Q, K are 0 points

⁂ Players can bet on any one or more players, but the betting amount in the front and back betting areas must be the same

⁂ Different card combinations can be used

⁂The winner is the one with the largest sum of points of the two cards (except for special cards)

A game like this might seem simple, but you actually have to constantly think about how to use the cards. It is a very playable game that does not take up too much time and energy of the player. In addition, the profit of this game can be as high as 97%, that is why it is very popular. What providers need to ensure is to meet customers’ needs and continue to innovate to allow players to experience new games. Knowing more about the popular board and card games in various countries is definitely a good direction!

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