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Third Party

You must have heard of third-party certification, third-party software, and third-party platforms. But do you know what a third party is? The third party mostly refers to a relatively independent role outside two parties that are involved in a partnership. To put it simply, for example, when A and B cooperate to do something, another person with a certain degree of impartiality is required to join in. This person is what we call a third party.

The most commonly heard in our gaming industry are third-party game providers and third-party payment. A third-party provider refers to one that is not self-developed or a subsidiary company, but belongs to another independent production developer. Third-party payment means that a third-party operator acts as a transaction intermediary for buyers and sellers, providing a safer and faster payment service for both parties. The reason for the emergence of third-party payment is that in the past, the e-commerce business often encountered the situation that the paid goods did not arrive, or the manufacturer had delivered the goods on time but the merchant had not paid for it. In order to solve similar problems, the transaction mode of third-party payment was gradually introduced into the market. In fact, the general purpose of having a third party is to ensure that the transaction between the two parties is fair and equitable to prevent fraud and disputes.

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