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The Central Bank of Argentina is Considering Honoring Lionel Messi

After nearly a month of fierce competition, the World Cup finally ended in a penalty PK battle between the two teams. Argentina defeated France 4-2. This is the third championship won by Argentina after 36 years ! Our superstar Messi fulfilled his wish in his last World Cup and managed to get what he most longed for.

According to the latest news on December 22, in order to pay tribute to the national hero Messi, Argentina is considering issuing a Messi commemorative banknote! Argentina's unit of currency is the Peso, and Messi's face and name will appear on the 1000-Peso banknote. But why do they have to choose 1000 Peso? Because it starts with 10, it echoes with Messi's iconic jersey number in the team, and the back of the banknote will also have a picture of Messi holding up the World Cup celebrating with his teammates.

Argentine officials pointed out that Messi's commemorative banknotes have a high collection value! As soon as this news came out, a mock design of Messi and the Argentine national team's 1000 Peso banknotes went viral on the Internet. It is understood that Argentina issued commemorative banknotes when the national team won the World Cup for the first time in 1978. But the fact is that Argentina is currently suffering from inflation. Although the World Cup has brought great joy to the people of the country, the economic pressure still looms over the majority of Argentines.

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