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What is Whitelist?

I am sure you have all heard of the blacklist, which is the list of things we do not like or reject. But what is a whitelist? Everyone likes to be on the VIP list, so the white list is similar to the VIP list in our online world. This list does not take us to fancy restaurants or luxury shops, but it can block some bad users from entering the site.

The concepts of whitelist and blacklist correspond to each other. After the blacklist is turned on, the users on list (including IP addresses, emails and viruses, etc.) will be rejected as spam. Then adding users to white whitelist is to set the users who can pass, and users outside the list can not log in to the website, so the whitelist is also called the pass list. Whitelisting greatly improves security and convenience.

In fact, many software are using this blacklist and whitelist system, whether it is Windows software, antivirus software or the other applications, almost all of them apply this rule. Whitelisting rules are stricter than blacklisting, so it is applicable to most companies, especially those that require high security standards. Whitelists were previously considered difficult to deploy and manage, but in recent years, with the development of technology, whitelists have made great progress in many industries!

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