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About Odds Status

Whenever you open the website and see those numbers on the board, have you ever wondered what kind of process these odds go through when traders set them? And what state do players usually see?

There are four statues of odds :

*Closed : Whenever a trader opens an odds, the odds will be closed first. Players will not be able to see it and also can not place bets.

*Running: When the odds are changed to this status, players will be able to see and place bets

*Internal : This is a internal test environment for SBO

*Suspend : The difference between this state and the closed state is that the suspended odds can still be seen, but players can not place bets. The reason why this state may occur is that too many people betting at a certain odds, which causes imbalance, so the player's betting will be suspended first, and it might be opened again when the odds on both sides are back to the balance stage again. In addition, when Suspend occurs, you can see "Updating odds in progress. Please try again later." in the left Ticket column.

These are a few simple odds statuses, according to which it is obvious that players usually can only see Running and Suspend.

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