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Have you heard of the FIFA virus?

The 2022 World Cup is about to kick off on November 21! At the same time, the frightening FIFA virus has also returned. Some of you who haven't heard of it would probably think that it is related to the epidemic due to the word "virus", but it is not the case. The FIFA virus is a terrible virus which can not be prevented by just wearing a mask.

Whenever there is a major international competition such as the World Cup, FIFA stipulates that each football club must unconditionally allow players to return to their home countries to participate in some national competitions. With such an intense and heavy schedule accumulating day by day, players will experience discomfort caused by long flights and jet lag. What is more, in addition to the fatigue caused by a large number of games, players might be injured in these games, making them perform poorly when they return to the club, or even unable to participate in further games, so it is called the "FIFA virus". The five major European leagues are more competitive, and the lack of any strong player may cause a significant decline in the results of the competition.

The "FIFA Virus" can be traced back to November 2011, when Barcelona's national team players accumulated an astonishing amount of distance, which could circle the earth 5 times! At the end of 2013, Real Madrid had lost three players,they were all injured to a certain extent in the national competition. Only two months left before the World Cup, many people are still worried about the FIFA virus, but we will still pray that everything will run smoothly.

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