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How To Bet On Muay Thai

Gambling is illegal in Thailand, despite this, the sports betting industry hasn't gone downhill there. Besides the official state lottery, gambling is allowed as long as it is in a legally registered area. In other words, as long as you go to the right place, whether it is football, horse racing, cockfighting, muay thai, all above are permitted . Thais love to bet on various sports, and one of them is boxing. Muay Thai events are short, and the betting process is fast. Generally, the game does not exceed five rounds, with each round lasting for three minutes, with a two-minute rest period in between. So races are usually finished within half an hour. This rhythm is extremely fast ️, if there is a huge strength difference between both sides, it may even end in a few seconds!

So how do they actually bet on Muay Thai? First, they will choose which player to put their money on. There will be an initial offer for each game, and the banker will set the odds first. If the player chooses the dominant side, he will stretch his hand flat with the back of his hand up; if he chooses the non-dominant side, the palm will be up. In addition, gamblers usually use "blue corner" and "red corner" to replace the name of the boxer. TheNext, the most important and special thing is that Thai boxing can use gestures to express the odds and bet amount! refore, you need to be proficient in these gestures before you actually place a bet. For example, raising the index finger means betting 100 baht, thumb means 1,000 baht, and fist means 10,000 baht. If you want to bet 200 baht, you need to extend two fingers to indicate two, and then extend your index finger (two hundred). Displaying odds is more complicated. In addition to changing gestures, they use the front and back of the hand. Many gestures are very similar, a slight difference might lead to a fatal mistake, thus players need to be very skilled at these gestures.

Odds are not fixed while the match is in progress, it changes depends on the game flow. Another interesting fact, players with different wagering amounts will have different seating areas. Generally, the higher the seat, the lower the bet amount. Players who bet with small amount will be paid in cash immediately after the event result comes out, while those with higher amount will be dealt with behind the scenes. If you encounter a debtor on the run, the banker will directly send them to the police station and put up a notice, so it is relatively rare to encounter such bad players.

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